About Drayton Solutions Ltd.

Drayton Solutions Ltd. is a one stop, technology led, qualified, professional services company that supports companies and shareholders to increase progression via the use of secure corporate data, analytics, advisory services, and a deliberate concept for every situation.

Drayton Solutions Ltd. was originally established as a transfer agent in 2002 and through organic development, Drayton Solutions Ltd. has laid the groundwork for a new standard of service in the industry.

We drive the industry with an extensive range of solutions that includes transfer agent and registrar services, corporate governance and advisory services, issuer services, depository agent services, escrow agent services, compensation advisory services, IPO services and more.

Each day, in every situation, we help clients facilitate essential business operations, enhance efficiencies and clear away operational obstructions so that they can concentrate on driving their businesses ahead.

How We Work

Drayton Solutions Ltd. supports its clients through a robust mix of skill and inventiveness. Experienced teams across our business help clients conduct intricate transactions and simplify operations, oversee extensive, multi-channel communications, and maintain compliance and shareholder satisfaction.

Attentive Relationships

Relationships make our business work. When we connect with your stockholders or employees, we take the embodiment of your business wholeheartedly and go all out for consistent, beneficial interactions.

Customized Solutions

We understand that each client is different, and each need is specific. We will work alongside you to design a strategy unique to your organization and its ambitions, and then use all of our resources - industry knowledge, advanced technology, and an enthusiastic team - to realize a best-in-class result.

What Remains Constant

We cultivate high levels of customer satisfaction which leads to high client retention rates year after year.

Our modifiable systems allow for the individual personalization for every situation, consistent handling, and the strongest possible security measures for client data protection.

Our managers and team leaders are skilled and adept professionals that are always available to advise you.

What Defines Us

Real leadership requires the ability to influence change at the highest level. That’s why Drayton Solutions Ltd. has instigated procedures to raise service levels and boost fulfilment across the industry.

Our teams strive to not only assist our clients, but to proactively help them identify new strategies to improve efficiencies, protect themselves from risk, and boost sustainable success.

Each Drayton Solutions Ltd. service is managed by an experienced group with an average background of more than fifteen years each in the sector. Our clients rely on their extensive knowledge to favorably maneuver through the most sophisticated business demands.

No matter what stage a company is at in its growth, we have an exhaustive range of solutions that can help. When businesses use Drayton Solutions Ltd. to handle all of their requirements, they can gain the additional benefits of even greater efficiency.

From the teams on the ground to the executives at the top, we all believe in one thing: a strong culture based upon our focus to support our clients’ continued success.

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