Exchange Agent Services

Drayton Solutions Ltd. has operated as an exchange agent for numerous acquisitions. As an exchange agency, we perform a key role in our clients’ strategic growth plans and collaborate closely with every client to tailor an approach for effective communication with their shareholders. From supervising the relinquishing of shares from acquired companies to issuing new share certificates for the purchaser, we ensure a smooth, highly-competent exchange as well as keeping shareholders appropriately informed.

At Drayton Solutions Ltd., our Exchange Agent Services go far beyond the range of what is normally anticipated.

In addition to maintaining the highest standards of customer service and expert assistance, our advanced technology platform offers unparalleled individual barcoding and scanning facilities, which helps in the monitoring and completion of stockholder exchanges and hastens transactions. Driven by this technology, we are able to precisely calculate the number of shares to be issued as well as any dividends that have arisen for the shares that were not exchanged long after the original exchange. In addition, as we control, manage and own all of the systems and technology used to supply these services, we are able to assist you with adaptable, quick and accurate processing.

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