Governance Advisory Services

Keeping abreast of current corporate governance obligations in today’s age of heightened regulatory environment has become an increasing demand for many companies’ boards. With Drayton Solutions Ltd.’s Governance Advisory Services, you have the advice needed to help you galvanize investor confidence.

We supply clients with frequent, individualized briefing packs about industry and regulatory changes and how these could affect them, together with recommendations on the latest best practices.

Speedy identification of possible risks allows us to find ways of minimizing their impact and can even help find new opportunities for our clients.

Appreciating our dedicated and skilled staff, astute analytical abilities, and personalized methods, clients look to Drayton Solutions Ltd. for our Governance Advisory Service, which includes whole of year corporate governance, targeted investor communications strategy, and vote forecasting.

Corporate Governance Consulting & Solutions

Drayton Solutions Ltd. helps clients identify their “at risk” areas and recommends ways to deal with an issue if it becomes necessary. We work together with our clients to support vital areas, such as:

  • Current governance practice assessment
  • Management and shareholder proposal analysis
  • Stockholder engagement development
  • Frequent updating of corporate governance best practices and emerging trends

Additionally, we monitor and relay information about on the overall significance of proxy advisors impact on each client’s shareholder base and calculate corresponding vote projections. Our Advisory Services includes assisting clients during the drafting process for proxy filings by identifying any warning signs that may bring about negative recommendations in accordance with proxy firm and institutional investor voting policy guidelines.

Drayton Solutions Ltd. Governance Advisory Service helps your board keep on the path focusing on the germane issues of running the business. We ensure that governance practices are correctly matched, issue clear and frequent contact with stockholders, and proactively respond to potential vulnerabilities.

Targeted Investor Information Strategies

It is very important that a company has a full grasp on the ambitions and views of each stockholder group.

Drayton Solutions Ltd. can supply invaluable observations and opinions about the subtleties of each stockholder group, including the best messaging and methods to communicate with them. By working alongside your company, our targeted investor information strategies seek to maximize participation in each group of voters.

Vote Forecasting

Companies depend on us for our skill in providing accurate vote forecasting. Among our proficiencies:

  • We assess each stockholder group and generate vote projections
  • Using this knowledge, we work with you to make minor alterations to your proposal in order to achieve the desired voting outcome
  • We assist companies truly comprehend the real motivation behind shareholder-sponsored proposals
  • We keenly monitor campaign results, and make speedy alterations to achieve the required outcome
  • We produce voting reports to highlight areas for prospective development
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