Private Company Services

Does your private company have someone that you have enough confidence in to give you advice and guide you down the correct path? Someone who understands your business and knows what direction you want your company to go in? Drayton Solutions Ltd. has been that someone for many businesses. We work candidly with you to supply private company services and counselling during the whole business life cycle. We provide support whilst in the privately owned stage, assist you with the change during the IPO-planning stage, and then act as a full associate to your publicly listed company.

Our competence and technology led abilities enable us to handle a broad selection of plan types including:

  • Restricted Securities
  • Issuing Stock
  • Pre-IPO Organization
  • Stock Options

Private companies require the same level of properly maintained records, participant communication, and compliance as publicly listed companies. Still, lots of private companies fail to understand the intricacies of this work and do not commit enough resources to provide sufficient oversight. Over the longer term, this can prove to be a false economy, particularly if the business chooses to go public. Drayton Solutions Ltd. offers extremely adaptable private company services to supervise the handling of these vital activities. Whether a business is privately owned or a post-IPO company, Drayton Solutions Ltd. can tailor make the perfect strategy.

Privately Owned Companies

During the privately owned stage, we provide a smooth management of restricted security issues. Companies that issue private stock have record maintenance and administration obligations not unlike those of publicly listed companies. Meticulous records become an even more critical issue when a company chooses to list, as all restricted securities must be converted to publicly issued stock.

All private companies must keep detailed records but no two businesses have precisely the same requirements. We recognize this, which is why no two Drayton Solutions Ltd. solutions are precisely identical. We work together with each client to design a solution that best meets their own specific circumstances. All of our services are backed by our advanced technology, which is highly adaptable.

We also provide continual counsel and advice regarding industry and compliance matters. As your company contemplates its future growth, we look ahead to pinpoint any possible vulnerabilities and risk to ensure unhindered development.

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