Proxy Distribution & Collation


Proxy materials are prepared and distributed within your crucial timeframe. We feature state-of-the-art sorting capabilities to speed up the distribution process and reduce the cost of mailing which can be decreased even more buy using e-distribution. From the comfort of their homes and businesses, stockholders can read all material such as reports and statements online before voting. They can also choose to opt "in" or "out" of posted documentation in the future, bringing down your printing and posting expenses even more.

To help make sure that all stockholders who have shares held in broker or nominee designations have access to the much needed proxy documentation we also provide nominee distribution services.

Voting & Collation

Your stockholders are casting their votes on important matters and the fast and precise collation of votes is imperative. To speed up the collation process, Drayton Solutions Ltd. has three ways to cast a vote:

  • Online Voting: Our proxy voting portal gives stockholders the ability to see nominees' names and proposal wordings precisely as they occur on the proxy card. Email acceptance of the vote enables us to establish an electronic address book of your stockholders for future distributions of material by email, leading to substantially cutting the cost of printing and postage.
  • Telephone Voting: Interactive voice response technology enables the stockholder to vote via a touch-tone telephone. It is an easier, speedier choice than the normal postal method.
  • Postal Voting: For stockholders who prefer more traditional methods, we will collect and collate proxy cards.

For companies with more than one position, Drayton Solutions Ltd. is able to design one card to allow stockholders to cast a vote on numerous positions at one time.

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