Registrar & Transfer Agent Services

What is it you really want from a stock transfer company? Undoubtedly you demand exhaustive, all inclusive completion of share registration and transfer agent services, including maintenance of records, dividend distribution, special meeting services, and personalized management of stockholder communications. You demand high standards of professionalism and client service.

Unit managers, a team of experienced and knowledgeable industry experts, are assigned to each company and act as the sole point of contact for all matters. Their aim is to alleviate apprehension with effortless completion of transactions, making full use of best practices in an expeditious style. From the very start, our unit managers are focused, learning to understand your business, recognizing your aspirations and objectives, and establish solutions that exceed your particular requirements. They will give advice in critical areas such as compliance and performance improvement.

As a valued partner, you will have total certainty with Drayton Solutions Ltd.’s many years of transfer agent and share registration know-how. We go all out to complete your requirements, so your concentration can be on growing stockholder value and developing your company.

Companies depend on Drayton Solutions Ltd. for transfer agent and share registration services for a number of reasons that include:

  • Impeccable issuer and stockholder record maintenance
  • Accurate transfer of archival data to Drayton Solutions Ltd.’s records
  • Speedy, meticulous, and competent client service supporting stockholder queries
  • Handling of dividend distributions
  • Use of issuer plans such as DRIP or DSP
  • Proxy distribution, collation, and reporting services
  • Dealing with tax reporting and abandoned property
  • Speedy and rigorous expert guidance for company events

In offering these solutions, we endeavor to make sure that every communication with stockholders surpasses your expectations for professionalism and service. We fully embrace the management of your transactional and administrative burdens, which minimizes the requirement for you to assign resources to them.

Our flexible Registrar & Transfer Agent Services will give you:

  • Reduced corporate risk and liability
  • Safe, dependable and extremely scalable infrastructure
  • Inventive and client-friendly technology
  • Continuous focus on your company’s exact requirements

Transfer Agent Services

For many years now, companies have joined forces with Drayton Solutions Ltd. for crucial stock transfer agent services and strategic guidance for corporate growth and increased shareholder engagement. We develop relationships that help us to really know your company inside out and construct individualized stock transfer solutions based on our your own specific needs. With Drayton Solutions Ltd. in your corner, you can be assured of straightforward, effective and dependable progress.



Dividend distribution is more than just giving your stockholders a cash return on their holdings. Drayton Solutions Ltd. can show you how using dividend plans is an invaluable way of strengthening shareholder loyalty and at the same time securing a meaningful amount of cash back for your company via direct purchase or dividend reinvestment plans.

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We all know that profitable IPOs rely upon meticulous planning, with defined timescales and scrutiny of even the most minor details. As your IPO companion, Drayton Solutions Ltd. will be alongside your company for the duration. From your beginnings as a private company, throughout the IPO planning stage, to becoming a publicly listed company.

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Drayton Solutions Ltd. offers Private Company Services and guidance to our clients all through the evolution of their companies, offering advice and information whilst at the private and IPO planning stages and continuing to act as a valued partner after your company has been listed.

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