Remuneration Advisory Services

Remuneration for executives is under the spotlight like never before. Company boards and senior management are actively using remuneration advisory services to assist them and avert possible conflict and lessen disruption to the company’s wider goals. Drayton Solutions Ltd. helps companies with the strategic judgment necessary to bring about stockholders’ confirmation.

We offer a top-level advisory service that keeps clients up to date with best practices in both the arrangement and disclosure of executive pay, maneuver through the numerous pay-for-performance configurations of proxy advisory firms, and build investor information drives made to measure for your company’s specific needs. We help businesses to prepare for investors’ and proxy advisors’ responses to a prospective executive remuneration package and evolve astute solutions that manage investor relationships.

Our Services

Our extensive remuneration advisory services include:

  • Attention to annual burn rates, option overhang, and overall plan dilution
  • Appraisal of the effect that a negative vote recommendation could have on your specific institutional base
  • Examination and determination of different plan scenarios
  • Evaluation of relevant investor policies
  • Analysis of proxy advisor payment guidelines, say-on-pay and quantitative performance model
  • Identification of possible “swaying” institutional investors
  • Development of targeted investor information drives
  • Help to devize the Compensation Discussion & Analysis (CD&A) component of your annual proxy statement
  • Analysis of the CD&A to identify any red flags in remuneration packages or disclosure that may pose a concern for institutional investors and proxy advisory firms

By providing our clients with regular updates detailing regulatory changes and sector developments, as well as action plans for enhancing disclosure, we actively keep our clients up-to-date on equity compensation plans. With a research team dedicated to remuneration advisory services and a top-profile client base in many countries, we are exclusively equipped to act as your remuneration advisor, providing you with an understanding of the current best practices in executive remuneration and custom investor information drive approaches.

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